Prostatitis is a common disease in men under the age of 50. It is divided into acute bacterial prostatitis (ABP), chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP), chronic non-bacterial prostatitis (CNP) and prostatodynia (PD). Among them, only 5% cases of prostatitis are caused by bacterial infection. The causes of most of causes are not yet clear. Most experts state that oxidative stress and immune imbalance are the key factors that cause occurrence of prostatitis.

ABP has sudden onset with chills, high fever, and frequent urination, urinary urgency, dysuri. Chronic bacterial prostatitis will cause dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, immune response, oxidative stress, lower urinary tract epithelial dysfunction, mental and psychological problems, etc. The pain parts usually lie in the waist and the region dominated by the sacral nerve, such as perineum, external genitalia, bladder, urethra, etc. Moreover, there are many complications associated with this disease such as epididymitis and seminal vesiculitis. A lot of people are looking for the medicine for prostatitis. And many scientists are doing study to find an effective way to cure prostatitis.


Currently, a new herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is proven to be effective in treating prostatitis. As an alternative medicine, it avoid large adverse reactions and inaccurate produced by the traditional immunosuppressive agents. By contrast, it is combined by Chinese herbal medicine, which is a safe and reliable alternative approach. The adverse reactions of this medicine are little. According to the careful combination of prescription, combined with the clinical performance of patients, it is verified that it has good results.



On the one hand, unlike surgery, it needs no anesthesia and avoids surgical trauma so that it will not damage the ovarian artery, blood vessels and nerve. Therefore, there is nearly no negative effect on the function of the ovary and a great advantage. On the other hand, it cures the disease with low relapse rate. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill cures the disease by focusing on invigorating the kidney, promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and eliminating dampness. This medicine offers you a more safer and more effective treatment. It is the best cure for prostatitis.