Since antibiotics for prostatitis usually has high recurrent rate, it is obviously inappropriate for the prostatitis treatment in some cases. Though this treatment can alleviate the pain quickly, it can also develop drug resistance and cause liver and kidney damages. In fact, herbal medicine is a good treatment option for getting rid of prostatitis permanently.

Prostatitis patients want to have a total recovery from the disease without reoccurrence. Therefore, traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment is the perfect choice. Although improvement can be achieved by using antibiotics, many side effects can be caused during the treatment. Many strong properties can be examined, and these properties will produce bad influence on the body. However, herbal medicine won’t cause these problems. In China, patients are being rescued using a new traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment.Herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is able to cure prostatitis safely and effectively.


Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has over three thousands’ history in China. It is characterized by the safety and effectiveness. Dr. Lee, as a skillful herbalist in China, successfully invented Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with years of research.


All ingredients in this pill is natural herbs and all that have been proved to function as important ingredient for the regulation of prostatitis and the body. Prostatitis will be removed totally and patients can be truly cured naturally and slowly without drug-resistance or other complications. Time will tell with this traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It is time to say goodbye to the prostatitis forever when patients are ready to take this traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment.