At present, although the relationship between dietary habit and prostatitis has not been figured out clearly, there are still many relative researches indicate that some bad dietary habits are not good for the treatment of prostatitis. Prostatitis patients do not only need to choose an appropriate treatment for prostatitis, but also have to take notice of the food prohibition in the treatment to avoid the condition worsening.

The food prohibition in the treatment of prostatitis includes the followings:


1. Spicy food and other kinds of irritating food

Many people love the taste of spicy food and eat a lot of spicy food every day. But spicy food can cause to the enlargement of blood vessels and increase the permeability of blood vessels. So the intake of spicy food is very likely to cause the edema and congestion of prostate, thus aggravating the symptoms of prostatitis. Other kinds of irritating food have the same influence to the patients with prostatitis. Therefore patients with prostatitis should reduce the intake of spicy food and other kinds of irritating food.


2. Cigarette

There are toxic materials such as nicotine, tar, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide in the cigarette. These toxic materials can damage the tissue of prostate directly. What is more, these toxic materials can hinder and govern the neurological function of the blood vessel and influence the circulation of blood. These factors can all cause prostate congestion and add up to the state of prostatitis. So patients with prostatitis must try to quit smoking. In fact, no matter patients with prostatitis or normal people should all quit smoking.


3. Alcohol

Alcohol can promote the expansion of blood vessel. We often see people whose face becomes red after drinking a lot of alcohol. This is because the blood vessels in the face are expanded because the working of alcohol. Not only blood vessels in the face will expanded under the influence of alcohol, blood vessels in other parts of the body will expand under the influence of alcohol as well. So drinking alcohol can cause the congestion of internal organs, including prostate. Prostate congestion is the major cause of prostatitis. So patients with prostatitis should avoid alcohol.


In order to get a full recovery, patients should keep a strict food prohibition during the treatment. In addition, a timely and proper treatment is also needed. Antibiotics are the most common treatment in western medicine. But not all kinds of bacteria and virus can be killed by the same antibiotics. Patients need to have prostatic fluid cultures to find the original bacteria and then they are suggested to be made the drug sensitive test to make a perfect antimicrobial treatment plan. 


However, if you find the antibiotic you are taking can no longer have effect on your condition, maybe it has developed drug resistance and tolerance. Then doctors have to search for more effective antibiotics to treat your disease. Or you may need a different treatment.


Recently years, Traditional Chinese Medicine plays an important role in treating prostatitis. Clinically, herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has good therapeutic effect on curing prostatitis. It can not only kill the bacteria, but also has the functions of clearing away the heat and toxins, removing the blood stasis, promoting the circulation of blood and Qi. All of these efficacies can help completely cure its symptoms as well as its causes. The herbal formula has no side effects and kidney damages so it can provide a prolonged treatment.